ComediHa! Club Best of

Hosted by Olivier Martineau


June 07


Impérial Bell

Already a well-established tradition in Quebec, the popular ComediHa! Club evening continues within the framework of the festival to offer its “best of” edition. For the occasion, the Imperial Bell welcomes entertainers Stéphane Fallu, Neev, Jean-François Mercier, Dominic et Martin, Olivier Martineau and Mathieu Cyr, who represent the stars of tomorrow (or the day after!). To each their own pace…

Hosted by Olivier Martineau: No one is safe with this comedian.  Not a fan of simple things, he hastens to complicate everything. Irreverent without ever being rude, Olivier Martineau enjoys scratching the veneer of a society he does not understand, to make a biting observation. It’s always a fair judgement however, since in the final analysis, he hates everyone equally.