Théâtre et autres



June 17


Musée de la civilisation – A1

The ComediHa! Festival offers a reading-performance of the show Pédalo.

Two long-time friends, Sébastien and Bruno, find themselves in an all-inclusive resort in Cuba, accompanied by their respective ladies. Quickly the journey sours: Sébastien’s spouse Claudia dives into the alcohol, while Bruno realizes that it was a mistake to invite Mia, whom he met surreptitiously in a happy hour just a few days earlier. 7 days badly accompanied can seem like an eternity. To take a bit of fresh air and distance themselves from their suffocating situations, our two friends decide to go on a one-hour pedalo outing. From there follows an intimate discussion between Sébastien and Bruno, about their lives, their disappointments, their hopes, their sex. But the short outing does not go as planned, their pedalo breaks down and our two men are lost at sea, somewhere off Cuba as night has already fallen. The amusing situation turns dramatic, but for our two men, the surprises are just the beginning…