Voir la vie en drôle in our festivals

Québec 7 to 18 June 2017


Saguenay 24 to 26 August 2017



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The Box office

Quels sont les tarifs des différentes offres ?

À partir de 66$.



10$ chacun, par spectacle.

*Taxes et service inclus. Livraison en sus.

The shows

Is there a minimum age to attend the shows?

There is no minimum age to attend the ComediHa! Festival. However, some performances are not recommended for children as they deal with subjects that are not suitable for all, therefore we leave this decision to parental discretion.

Exception: The XXX shows are reserved for audiences 18 years and older.

There are several consecutive performances in the same performance hall. Must the performance hall be emptied after each show and performance?

Yes, the halls will be emptied after each show to allow access to the new festival-goers who wish to attend the following show.

At what time are the different sites open?

Doors open 30 minutes before a performance. Please note that door-opening times are subject to change without notice.


Shows that require the ComediHa! Sunglasses Pass are offered as general admission, with first-come, first-served. Sunglasses Passes do not guarantee you a place. However, when purchasing your pass you can reserve your place for a fee of $10 + taxes.

The festival sites

Are their food concession stands on site?

Yes, there are “Food Trucks” at Parc de l’Esplanade.

Is it possible to enter the performance halls with a backpack?

Bags are accepted in the performance halls, except the Impérial Bell, and the exterior sites, but may be checked at the discretion of the on-site security guards.

Are the sites accessible for people with reduced mobility?

The ComediHa! Village at Parc de l’Esplanade is accessible for people with reduced mobility. The performance halls also have access, with the exception of La Firme.

Are there toilets on the premises?

Yes, public toilets are available at Parc de l’Espanada, as well in most performance halls.

Must I pay to enter the ComediHa! Village?

Admission to the ComediHa! Village is free.

Can I bring my dog to the exterior sites?

Dogs are strictly prohibited in the performance halls, with the exception of Mira dogs. However, dogs are welcome on the exterior sites.

Can I bring food to the sites?

Drinks sold on site and the outdoor ComediHa! Festival village are the only ones allowed in the performance halls. All glass containers, liquor, juice and alcohol are strictly forbidden. Food is strictly forbidden in the performance halls.

What are the objects that are allowed and not allowed at the festival sites?


Appareils photo et caméras non professionnelles
Casque de vélo
Sacs à dos et sacoches de petit format (Tous les sacs et sacoches seront fouillés)
Serviette de plage
Coussin souple
Coussins avec dossiers
Poussette pour enfant


Appareils photo et caméras professionnelles
Animaux (sauf chien-guide)
Armes et objets contondants
Bâton, balle et ballons de toutes sortes
Bouteilles et contenants en verre
Bouteille d’eau en plastique mou
Boissons alcoolisées
Drogues (sauf médicaments)
Fusil à l’eau
Glacières, thermos et gourdes rigides
Grand sac à dos, matériel de camping
Instruments de musique et mégaphone
Pointeur laser
Enregistreuse audio
Parapluies (de toute taille)
Items destinés à la vente/promotion sans une permission écrite et signée de la part du Festival ComediHa !

Tout item pouvant poser un danger à la sécurité des autres spectateurs (le personnel se donne le droit de juger de ce qui est non tolérable sur les sites)

How do you access the outdoor Village?

Access to the Village, built for the ComediHa! Festival, is open, with free admission for the public. However, certain outdoor shows may require a ComediHa! Sunglasses Pass.

What are the different types of admission to the ComediHa! Festival?

  • ComediHa! Sunglasses Pass
    • ComediHa! Sunglasses Passes offer you access to more than 100 comedy shows during the ComediHa! Festival, which runs from June 7-18, 2017 in Quebec City.
  • ComediHa! Gala Passport
    • The Passport includes a reserved seat for one ComediHa! Gala evening, as well as a ComediHa! Sunglasses Pass.
  • Daily Admission Ticket
    • A one-day admission ticket to access the ComediHa! Festival shows included in the program for the day for which you bought the ticket. Daily Admission Tickets will be on sale at one of our Official Box Offices throughout the ComediHa! Festival.

About ComediHa!

ComediHa! is a major creator of humorous content and intellectual properties that fan out 360 degrees x 365 days to numerous broadcast platforms.

ComediHa! includes the ComediHa! Galas, the Trait d’humour series, the popular LOL:) ComediHa! series seen in over 100 countries, Complexe G, ComediHa! Festival, and the ComediHa! Club, to name just a few.

It is also the manager and producer of Olivier Martineau, Mathieu Cyr, les Denis Drolet and many more up-and-coming talents.

By bringing together different forms of artistic expression with laughter as the framework, ComediHa! has as its mission to make people laugh all around the world. With nearly 20 years of experience and projects, its ambition is to push the boundaries of entertainment through a wide variety of quality content.